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About Us

leonieNot one child comes with a manual, not all children and families are the same. A huge amount of pressure is put on women to expect to know how to be a mother. This is a learnt journey through love, support & gentle guidance. With most women not having the support of extended family; Leonie has the desire and skillset to support them. SUPPORT INTERVENTION PREVENTION is Leonie’s Branding and Passion; her goal is to prevent mother’s requiring additional Health Care Support further down the track due to Mental Health fatigue in their parenting role.

Years before Leonie became a parent herself, she worked in local government children’s services where she used her people skills to coordinate and manage many competing priorities in a very demanding project based role. Whilst Leonie was raising her own family, she returned to Ngala where she continued her Supporting Role to new antenatal and postnatal parents in Ngala’s hospital stay program and helpline. Leonie has continued further education throughout her career which has provided opportunities to work with Child Protection Agencies, Women’s Mental Health & Well Being, Education Department, Disabilities Service Commission and Department of Health.

Leonie is an experienced parenting professional, maintaining an AHPRA Nursing Registration, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Certification and a certified Training & Assessor Qualification. Leonie provides education and support within the realms of understanding your baby’s cues and meeting their needs in a calm and positive manner.


Leonie works one on one and small group settings. Offering families the luxury of time and personalised care plans that meets the needs of the family’s emotional and developmental needs with continued follow up support of two weeks to enable parents to reach their desirable goals. Visits in your home offer a stress free way of getting the support you need. E-mail only support on some services can be provided as well as Phone Consultations that can be more cost effective to a family. Organising a group of parents who together are experiencing similar issues with their children; Leonie can provide a workshop atmosphere to enable parents the additional support of each other. So if its professionalism and quality care you are after; contact Leonie for the best outcomes for you and your family.