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 Due to COVID-19 PANDEMIC, it is important that you disclose the following :  If you or a family member have been or are currently unwell with any illness or you have been in close contact with someone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms . Failing to do this will in turn put myself and other clients of mine potentially at risk of Covid-19. LETS STOP THE SPREAD TOGETHER.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WORKSHOPSWORKSHOPS
Setting Up Breastfeeding For Success $1999: 12 weeks of Priority Support. Intense breastfeeding support provided to You to provide your infant with optimal nutrition. You will be able to reach your breastfeeding goals knowing that You have your own personal Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) supporting You at all critical stages, guiding & encouraging you to establish successful breastfeeding. Any concerns you have around your infants wellbeing during this time can also be addressed with sleep/settling/colic/reflux etc. You will recieve 6 inhome/virtual visits, 6 phone calls, unlimited e-mail support & a Gift Pack of Breastfeeding Tools valued at $200.  Additional travel fee may apply & is not included in the package cost, first 30 minutes of travel FREE  from Rockingham then charged at 30 minute intervals or part there of at $35 per 30mins. A Payment Plan is available.
Foundation Virtual or In Home Consultation $250: 1.5hrs includes care plan of all strategies and discussions. First 30minutes of travel is FREE from Rockingham then charged at 30 minute intervals or part there of at $35 per 30mins. Weekend Bookings will incur an after hours fee of $50
Follow Up Virtual Consultation $150:  45 minutes of revevaluating/adjusting plan & strategies.  Weekend bookings will incur an after hour fee of $50.
Antenatal In Home Consultation $200: 1 hour. Learn the basics of breastfeeding and how to hand express to obtain colostrum (the first milk) to have on hand to give to baby if required after birth; collection kit provided.  First 30minutes of travel is FREE from Rockingham then charged at 30 minute intervals or part there of at $35 per 30mins. Weekend bookings will incur an after hour fee of $50.
Phone Consultation $50: 30 minutes. The perfect option to provide you with the guidance you need, quickly on all matters of feeding and sleep. #Note: General advice can only be provided.
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Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding & Lactation Services.

You and Your Baby deserve the best support that can be offered. You will be given all my personal attention  to address any concerns You have. I can help You with any of these issues and more.

  • Positioning & Attachment issues
  • Sore/damaged nipples
  • Assessment of oral dysfunction/tongue Tie  - Suck  Assessment. Baby friendly pre and post care support  if  a frenectomy is required; Leonie is able to support families working alongside other Health Care Professionals to achieve the best outcome for your baby. 
  • Delayed lactation/Low supply,, over supply.
  • Blocked ducts/mastitis/thrush
  • Vasospasm/Raynauds syndrome
  • Breast refusual
  • Previous breast surgery
  • Induced lactation/relactation & weaning advice

Antenatal Education, Breastfeeding Education & Lactation Inducing is also offered prior to baby's arrival.

Receiving antenatal breastfeeding advice & education will provide you with the best outcome for a successful breastfeeding journey with your little one. 

  • Learn the basics of correct positioning
  • Successful latching
  • Hand expressing
  • Learn how to collect colostrum



Sleep & Settling Services:

Sleep deprivation is among the highest causes of depression. You will  be  listened to and supported with empathy . Understanding about normal sleep at every age and stage can empower you , you will feel confident in directing your baby toward longer sleep when they are ready.

You will receive holistic advice on healthy sleep patterns with developmentally age appropriate & gentle, safe sleeping strategies that will assist you in providing a positive outcome for you and your child.


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Setting Up Breastfeeding For Success

 12 weeks of intense support in your home.

Congratulations on Your pregnancy. Whether this is Your first or or Your third pregnancy, every baby and breastfeeding journey is unique. For this reason You deserve holistic and evidence based support to reach Your breastfeeding goals. Did You know that if You are exclusively breastfeeding Your baby at 6 weeks then you are so much more likely to continue to  breastfeed successfully.  Establishing breastfeeding can be hard but with the right support it can be so rewarding, the health benefits are outstanding for You and Your baby, not to mention the finacial savings. For this very reason I am offering You intense breastfeeding & settling support for three months. Imagine the advantages of having Your own Breastfeeding Doula who is a Breastfeeding Expert (IBCLC) for three months, supporting You, helping You overcome any issues to provide the Best Optimal Nutrition successfully to Your baby.
This package will include a Gift Pack of breastfeeding tools valued at $200
Bamboo Breastfeeding Pads
Colostrum Collection Kit
Warm & Cool Breast Packs
Silicon Beaded Safe Twiddle Neklace
Haaka Gen2 Breast Pump & Stopper
Affirmation Cards & Magazine

You will receive 6  virtual or inhome visits of priority, 6 Phone calls and unlimited e-mail support. Payment Plan Available