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Our Services

$200 per service
A travel fee may apply if you are located out of service boundary
$50 non-refundable fee charged at time of booking, this will be deducted at time of consult.
Phone Consultations $100/hour
E-mail Support $50
Health Insurance Rebates Available
Gift Vouchers available for purchase

Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding & Lactation Services.

Helping a mother to meet the most natural need of her baby; Leonie being a Certified IBCLC can address all breastfeeding, bottle feeding and lactation concerns or issues the mother or baby may be experiencing. Proficient in identifying Oral Dysfunction, Leonie can assist you with correct positioning, & building your supply. By identifying Tongue, Lip & Buccal ties, Leonie is able to support families with pre and post releases working alongside other Health Care Professionals to achieve the best outcome for your baby. This support provides you with a home visit, a consult in your home with two weeks of follow up support.



Sleep & Settling Services:

Sleep deprivation is among the highest causes of depression. Leonie being a Ngala trained Mothercraft Nurse has the knowledge and skill set of being a Sleep Educator. Leonie is able to help your family achieve healthy sleep patterns with developmentally age appropriate & gentle strategies that will provide a positive outcome for your family. Leonie will provide you with a personalised care plan; with this and Leonie’s support of a month of telephone contact, you will achieve your desired outcome. This service can be offered as a home visit, Phone Consultation or E-mail support only for $50.



Challenging Behaviours

Parenthood can be extremely rewarding, enlightening and enjoyable. Yet at times it’s hard to see the rainbows and fairy dust through the thickness of thunderstorms and hail. Parenting can be demanding, frustrating and exhausting. As parents we have the most important role of raising the next generation, yet most of us begin our parenting careers with little preparation through trial and error. The challenge for us all is to raise healthy, well-adjusted children in a loving, caring environment. Positive parenting is an approach to parenting that aims to promote children’s development and manage children’s behaviour in a constructive and non-hurtful way. Leonie can assist you to establish Positive Parenting skills to overcome those tricky situations that make everyone feel frustrated. Regain your confidence and knowledge, allow Leonie to assist you to become the parent you want to be. Children who grow up with positive parenting are likely to develop their skills feeling good about themselves; they are less likely to develop behaviour problems. Leonie will provide you with a personalised care plan; with this and Leonie’s telephone support for up to a month you will achieve the changes you want to make. This service is offered as a home visit, Phone Consultation or E-mail support 



Workshops: $30 per person

Leonie offers small group work at your place of convenience.

From Community Groups such as Mother’s Groups, Playgroups, Antenatal Class Groups, Child Care Centres and Allied Health Professionals or just a group of friends requiring the same support; Leonie can provide you with the understanding you need to enhance your parenting/care giver skills. Addressing issues of Sleep, Settling, Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Weaning, Solids, Child Development, Child behaviours and Play are amongst the areas of Leonie’s skills in workshop presentations.