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Setting Up Breastfeeding For Success

Congratulations on Your pregnancy. Whether this is Your first or or Your third pregnancy, every baby and breastfeeding journey is unique. For this reason You deserve holistic and evidence based support to reach Your breastfeeding goals. Did You know that if You are exclusively breastfeeding Your baby at 6 weeks then you are so much more likely to continue to  breastfeed successfully.  Establishing breastfeeding can be hard but with the right support it can be so rewarding, the health benefits are outstanding for You and Your baby, not to mention the finacial savings. For this very reason I am offering You intense breastfeeding & settling support for three months. Imagine the advantages of having Your own Breastfeeding Doula who is a Breastfeeding Expert (IBCLC) for three months, supporting You helping ,You overcome any issues to provide the Best Optimal Nutrition successfully to Your baby.

This package will include a Gift Pack valued at $200

  • Bamboo Breastfeeding Pads
  • Colostrum Collection Kit
  • Warm & Cool Breast Packs
  • Silicon Beaded Safe Twiddle Neklace
  • Haaka Gen2 Breast Pump & Stopper
  • Affirmation Cards & Magazine

You will receive 6 inhome visits of priority, 6 Phone calls and unlimited e-mail support.